Funeral Vehicles

Mercedes Hearse and Limousine

Our modern award winning design Mercedes hearse has the usual glass side panels and a unique large glass panel in the roof which allows even more light through to display the coffin. Our comfortable matching limousine allows easy access for passengers and seats up to 7 people. We are able to carry a foldable wheelchair in the boot if required. Extra limousines can be provided.

Horse Drawn Hearse

We can arrange for a horse drawn hearse if preferred with the option of a pair of horses or team of four horses. The horses are immaculately presented with traditional harnesses and plumes. Belgium Black horses (Fresians) or White Lippizzanners can be requested to lead either a black or white hearse carriage.

Motorcycle hearse

If you like the idea of an alternative send off, you could always choose a motorcycle funeral. As with our traditional hearse, the sidecar hearse has a glass panel in the roof as well as the sides to allow for the coffin to be displayed. Choose your preference of bike from:

Welsh themed hearse

A truly individual hearse with the colours and logo of Wales.

Other vehicle variations include a VW hearse and Land Rover hearse.