Should I use an independent funeral director?

Everyone wants to give their family members a suitable send off. Sometimes, things can be a bit much for you to handle by yourself however. If you are in this situation, you should find someone who can help. We employ the most devoted funeral directors Wrexham has. They will make sure that you can honour your loved ones. If you have little experience with establishments like ours, you might not know what independent funeral directors are. Ours is a privately owned company that is operated by a relatively small team. We are also a family-run business that focuses on customer service above all else. Since this is where we concentrate our efforts, we are ready to go further in aiding families. We want to ensure that we are looking after every family during hard times instead of worrying about profits.

The continuity of service

There are actually several advantages to working with an independent funeral director. One benefit would be the continuity of service. When you choose us, it will be easier to trust the individual assisting you with the planning process. This is because they shall be there supporting you at the actual funeral too. They won’t be a stranger to you.


Flexibility is another advantage to working with us. Being independent, managing our own time is a far easier experience for us. As a result, we are able to dedicate more of our time to you. We can get a better understanding of your requirements. If you need us to come to your home to plan things, we would be more than happy to oblige. At Caldecott & Sons, we train our staff so they can ease your pain during the bereavement process. Moreover, we are capable of offering all kinds of ceremonies. With us, you can have limousines and a Mercedes hearse or a horse drawn hearse carriage. We are one of the longest serving independent funeral directors Wrexham has. It is our honour to serve the local community and help families. Feel free to contact us anytime if you wish to work with our team.