What should men and women wear at funerals?

When planning for a funeral, there can be no mistakes. The services we offer are professional so everyone can rely on them. In addition we have the most passionate funeral directors Wrexham has. They allow you as much time as you need to make decisions. When you decide what it is you want to do, they will start making all the necessary arrangements. People who are preparing for a funeral often worry about what they should and shouldn’t wear. It is critical that you dress in a way that respects the event. Several myths surrounding these ceremonies do exist here. However, you don’t have to concern yourself with them. There’s only one thing you need to remember; your attire should never draw everyone’s attention towards you. Having said that, here is what men and women must avoid wearing at most funerals.


There are lots of things you shouldn’t wear, including spandex, low-cut dresses or blouses, or miniskirts. You can wear outfits that don’t emphasise too much leg or the curves. As for accessories, it’s best to keep things simple. You might have to walk on uneven ground or the grass at some point. Therefore, you should leave any stilettos behind and opt for low-heeled shoes or sensible flats. Avoid floppy hats as well. Jewellery also needs to remain understated. If you own sparkling necklaces or noisy bangle bracelets, don’t bring them.


In most cases sportswear is not appropriate so only wear it if the family expressly ask you to. More important, never wear caps. In most cases anything with writing on it isn’t suitable. Instead of bringing a printed t-shirt, go for something conservative and subtle. Unless there’s a reason for it, don’t wear a vibrant printed tie. A blazer, tailored trousers, and conservative suits are all appropriate choices for the majority of ceremonies. At Caldecott & Sons, we treat everyone as an individual, including the deceased. We do so because we know that everyone has their own way of doing things. Our team do everything they can to make certain that they honour everyone’s wishes. This makes us the most beloved funeral directors Wrexham has. If there are details you need to discuss with us, you can get in touch.